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Club Cutey
We have several sources who regularly shoot in NIGHT CLUBS! The perfect place for drunk girls in short skirts! It's best when they dance around and you can watch their little panties going go up their asses! These young club chicks are all hotties!

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Shoe Shop
Shot by a shoe store employee, these shots get right up their skirts! Plus, they lift their legs up to put on shoes, and those panties go right between their pussy lips! Lots of pretty feet too! We got a lot of footage from this guy (before he got caught)

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Windy Day
One of those "off the cuff" shots, it must suck when you're wearing a skirt and it's windy! This is a real shot, we only get a few quick glimpses of those precious little panties,
but it's worth the wait!

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Nice Young Tight Ass
Again, you can tell it's real! This restraint shot gets a great look at some lovely young legs, and then, finally, she changes position and we get a nice look at her white cotton panties, stretched over her young pussy! This one's never been fucked!

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Close-up cabbie
We've got several of these, shot by a cabbie in Cancun, Mexico. They have those tiny little cars, and the girl's crotch is mere inches from the camera! This is up-close and personal, you can see the shaving rash and almost smell the moist young pussy juice! Particularly amusing when they try to speak Spanish!
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